Friday, April 29, 2011

cat animation

started thinking about making an animation on an old man and cat. here are a few ideas i drew up. i got inspiration for the trees from my personal work that i've been doing. i liked the idea of the cat following the old man, but have no real idea of the narrative and its relation to the convergence unit.

i came up with a narrative and created some storyboards, and began developing my old mans face further. i also began making little practice animations on flash to see how i could import images from photoshop into flash and create new effects and backgrounds.

After speaking to Sharon about the cat animation i decided to try and give meaning to the old man animation by divert my idea generation to other areas. I began looking into reincarnation. I looked into karma and spirit guides. As i was searching through the animals i came across the norse goddess of fertility, FREYJA. I started reading up on valkyrie, a place wear defeated warriors go after death. In heaven they eat the boar soehrimnir, who is bought back to life every night to be eaten again the next day

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